Ole Markus Oisenmüller

Ole Markus in his Golf

Ole Markus driving his Golf, to whom he was married with in 2001.

Si Amigos, el afamado Ole Markus Oisenmüller es desde hoy reportero y colaborador oficial de Solobugas Worldwide. Nacido en Austria en 1983 o algo así, Ole comenzó su carrera periodística escribiendo articulos en el boletín mensual de la secta evangelista a la que pertenecía desde pequeño y el primer reconocimiento a su labor lo obtuvo con el reportaje titulado “Vida y Milagros de Caspa Esteinar” en 1995, a la edad de 12 años.

Sin embargo, en 2001 se produjo un giro inesperado en su carrera: se compró un VW Golf que cambió su vida para siempre. Ole se volvió, literalmente, un gitanorro de tres al cuarto; chorizó un colchón del punto lipio, lo colocó en su nuevo coche tras quitarle los asientos traseros y se fué a recorrer el mundo en busca de nuevas gentes que le comprendieran y dieran sentido a su nueva vida.

Y así es como conocimos a Ole Markus,  en una remota ciudad de Noruega mientras nos encontrábamos cazando bugas a diestro y siniestro. Inmediatamente Ole supo que este blog era la luz en la oscuridad que necesitaba y decidió unirse al equipo Solobugas desempeñando el papel de corresponsal en Austria y Centro Europa.

Te deseamos una feliz estancia en Solobugas Worlwide Ole Markusssssss


Yes Friends, famed Ole Markus Oisenmüller is from today an official reporter and contributor Solobugas Worldwide. Born in Austria in 1983 or something, Ole began his journalistic career writing articles in the monthly bulletin of the evangelist sect to which he belonged since childhood and the first recognition of his role was the report titled “Life and Miracles of Capa Esteinar ” in 1995, at the age of 12 years.

However, in 2001 there was an unexpected turn in his career: he bought a VW Golf that changed his life forever. Ole became literally a gypsy;  he stole a used mattress, placed it in his new car after taking out the back seat and went to travel all around the world looking for new people who understand and give meaning to his new life.

And this is how we met Ole Markus, in a remote town in Norway while we were hunting bugas. Ole knew immediately that this blog was the light in the dark he needed and decided to join the team playing the role of Solobugas correspondent in Austria and Central Europe.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Solobugas Worldwide Ole Markusssssss



The arctic bike – mission satisfied

the final end of the arctic bike ??

the final end of the arctic bike ??

O.S.T.: en gammel sykkel (an old bike)

Hola soy Ole Markus, me presentaré más tarde, pero ahora voy a contaros la historia de la bici artica-solobugas…

Hello, this is Ole Markus! My introduction will follow later, but first I’ll tell you about the final history of the Solobugas arctic bike…

One June night full of daylight, like all of them in Norway now, the beloved Solobugas member Marcoshc and one’s own kind, Barrio, were about to leave soon back to Spain after spending one crazy year reporting for Solobugas in Norway. Because of the just short ago introduced “Solobugas worldwide” they still were in the need of new reporters all over the world, well, let’s start with all over Europe.

Ole Markus, an Austrian gipsy who the couple got to know in Norway, was one stupid guy who always wanted to be a SB member and asked thousand times before to get into the club.

So Barrio and Marcoshc decided to introduce a mission and when Ole Markus will satisfy it he will MAYBE become this member…

The mission was to leave the arctic bike, the main part of the first Solobugas movie, unlocked in the city centre of beloved Trondheim, where this bike has to get a new owner, probably an stupid exchange student who is willing to steal this bike, and so that the story of the bike will go on.

Anyway, the two monkeys had to leave to Spain in the middle of the night and gave the arctic bike to Ole Markus. After one short minute of sadness when Barrio and Marcoshc had to leave the party went on.

Like everywhere in this f*** city, at 2 in the night the clubs throw you out, to prevent you of having fun or maybe dance a little bit or get drunk.

At least in this case the Norwegians found a good way to go on with party and they introduced their “Nachspiels” – which is a stupid German word and means “afterparty”. Ole Markus made his way to one of that, with the arctic bike and Steinar, his dude follower after this year in a prison with two Norwegian flatmates.

They arrived at the Nachspiel place and stayed there as long as they staid(unfortunately the time memory system was already switched off at this time at both of them).

Finally, when it was about to leave cause everyone was not able to spell “Solobugas” in the right order anymore, the couple left. For a strange reason the arctic bike downstairs was locked to some other bikes. “What the f***”, Ole Markus thought but he was not able anymore to climb up the stairs again and tell the stupid madafuckas who the hell locked the holy bike of Marcoshc to another one. God dammit, Ole Markus had to fullfill the mission!!!

Anyway, to drunk to think about the mission, Ole Markus and Steinar had to come home. And those stupid madafuckas locked the arctic bike, but forgot to lock one of their bikes. So Ole Markus just took this one and Steinar and he went home in wiggly lines. After hours they reached their stately home in Moholt and went to bed.

The next day when Ole Markus woke up he checked the bike he took home, if it was a good one he maybe could sell. Finally he saw the typically sticker on it, which should let you know that this is a bike of the student village. Now the bad conscience was preying on his mind and he wanted to solve the problem of the stolen bike soon. It turned out that it was one of his hybbel friends Carlosen, who missed his bike. After some jokes and saying that this happened because of the drunkenness last night the bike was at his right owner and Ole Markus went back to town to pick up the arctic bike, which should hopefully be unlocked now. But NO: it was not there anymore. Someone stole it. Those bastards, who in the world is stealing bikes?!?!

Shit! Disappointed and in bad mood Ole Markus went back to his home, crying and worrying and thinking about how to tell Marcoshc that he didn’t satisfy the mission. How should he ever become a Solobugas member when he was not able to finish the story of the arctic bike…??

So he came back and started to get drunk again in the evening with his friends in the barbeque place of the student village. After some beers and after almost everyone had already made a joke because of Ole Markus and that he stole his friends bike, Ole Markus started to talk with Manni, another friend of him who was also at the party the day before. When they were talking about their way home, Manni told Ole Markus that he first was on the way with Carlosen’s bike which he borrowed from him. But later this bike was stolen (“Haha, sorry baby but this was me” Ole Markus told him) and that he took another one. “An old crappy bike which could not have any owner”. Ole Markus knew that this must have been the arctic bike!! He jumped on Manni’s throat and shouted: “Where is the bike, I have to fullfill the mission!”. And Manni, shocked by this attack and almost not able to breath, countered: “It’s in the city centre, next to burger king. I left it there because I was not able to climb up the mountain to Moholt with this fucking shit without any gears!”.

Ole Markus, assuaged after this notice, kissed Manni and was happy that the mission was fulfilled, because he was so brave and risked almost his life. Barrio and Marcoshc don’t have to know the whole story, the arctic bike has a new owner now or is maybe already in the river, but at least the mission is satisfied and Ole Markus hopefully will be a member of Solobugas world soon …

See you soon on Solobugas, guys !!



B.S.O.                 The Byrds:  “(See the sky) About to Rain”

Son las 23:00 pm, Los Chichos tocan dentro de una hora en la ciudad sin ley, en el caseto suena “Hit the Lights” de Metallica y en mi interior aún resuenan los motores de aquellos bugas noruegos de antaño…..esa marabunta de Volvos, Saabs, VW, a cada cual más pepino……No me puedo dejar llevar por la nostalgia…..Noruega estuvo bien, se acabó y adiós, vaya final….

Pero……ATOMARPOLCULOMECAGÜENTUSMUERTOS!  Hoy no estamos aquí para lamentarnos! Hoy estamos aquí para presentaros el nuevo proyecto ideado por nuestras prodigiosas e increiblemente dotadas mentes: SOLOBUGAS WORLDWIDE!!

Os prometimos que nunca os abandonaríamos; perdísteis la fe en nosotros, lo sabemos, pero estamos aquí con nuevo material, nuevos reporteros, nuevos bugas all around the world, nuevas ideas, nuevos retos y sobre todo con la ilusión de que Solobugas sea, como antaño fue, una de las principales causas por las que suspendais vuestros exámenes u os despidan del trabajo…..

Seguiremos en contacto, estad atentos al blog……Solobugas RESISTE.


English Version:

23:00 pm, The Chichos play in one hour in the lawless city, in the cassette “Hit the Lights” by Metallica and inside me still resonating the engines of those old Norwegians bugas ….. that marvellous Volvos, Saabs, VW, more cucumber each one …… I can not let go with the nostalgia ….. Norway was good, it’s over and goodbye, what an end ….

But …… ATOMARPOLCULOMECAGÜENTUSMUERTOS! Today we are not here to lament! We are here today to introduce the new project devised by our prodigious and incredibly endowed minds: SOLOBUGAS WORLDWIDE! 

We promise we would never leave you; you lose faith in us, we know, but we are here with new material, new reporters, new bugas all around the world, new ideas, new challenges and especially with the illusion that Solobugas is, as once was, one of the main causes of failing your exams or being fired from your job …..

We’ll stay in touch, stay tuned to the blog …… Solobugas resist.