Fotacas Solobugas I

Hola amiguetes!

Inauguramos sección en Solobugas, siempre innovando. Aquellas estampas all around the world que definan nuestro espíritu solobugil, nos llamen la atención o nos salga de los webes publicarlas estarán en esta sección para gozo y disfrute de nuestros queridos lectores.

Por supuesto que podeis mandarnos vuestras fotacas Solobugas a nuestro mail y tras pasar por nuestro gabinete de censura serán publicadas sin problemas para vuestro orgullo personal.

Sin más dilación, aquí va la primera tanda.


Transporter de la muerte con un colchón podrido dentro y carrocería de dos colores. Parque Natural Sierra Cebollera (La Rioja)

mercedes 508

La mercedes 508 en la que vive Pepe la Sal. Tarazona (Zaragoza)


Otra Mercedes y un Santana chatarrosísimos, como nos gusta. Aldealpozo (Soria)



Volkswagen Polo I


Polo 2

O.S.T.: Smashing Pumpkins – 1979

Hello my dear Solobugas friends!

First thanks to my Solobugas dudes for my introduction. I already have to make one adjustment to marcoshc‘s statement about my first car. Actually it was a secret and I didn’t tell my followers because I was afraid to be put into jail… Years ago, I didn’t have the driving license yet and against the will of my parents I bought MY FIRST BUGA: a VW Polo, colour beige, built in 1979. It was possible for me to test this car in some hidden places in middle Europe and I was impressed. With a weight of less than 700 kg the acceleration of this car was great for this age, but well, the gasoline in the fuel tank also went away quite fast.

The type was a Volkswagen Polo I, so the first of its category and the intern identification of VW was “Type 86”. This buga was built from the years 1975 to 1981 with 3 different engines from about 40 – 60 horsepowers. The size of those engines was from 895 up to 1272 ccm, which was far enough for this really light car. And actually this Polo was a rebadged version of the Audi 50 which had also the designation “Type 86” and Solobugas is still hunting for you to get also this car for you on our page!

By 1979, 500.000 Polos were produced worldwide and also the production of the Audi 50 was already closed by this year because it was not as good sold as the Polo.

In my test period of the Polo I detected, that the chassis suspension was not exactly perfect in my opinion. When I drove with acceptable speed into a close turn, the inner back tire of the car lost the contact to the street and was in the air. No grip at one side of the car at the back!

Well, it was no rally car and this was what I experienced: if you look properly at the pictures(sorry for the quality, about 10 years old and copied from analogue ones) you can see on the right car side some scratches. This happened when the fence at my neighbour’s farm was jumping on the road when I was about to race around the corner of his farm (well, actually I jumped into the fence and destroyed some sticks of the fence, haha). The resistance of my Polo was amazing: there was no single scratch or bump in the front bumper, just the barbed wire left his tracks at the side of the car and scratched the whole side. Poor Polo… Fortunately my neighbour was a friendly guy, I helped him to repair the fence and no police came.

Finally I got my driving license some day and the Polo was in too bad conditions to get the license for it to drive on the road, so I sold it again to a Polo lover. R.I.P. my beloved first car!

Stay tuned hombres, a hug from Austria for you!

Ole Markus