Próximamente/Coming soon in Solobugas

Solobugas Bugas

Próximamente en Solobugas… primera entrega… los bugas de Solobugas……..pepinos que marcarán un antes y un después en la historia del blog…..un Seat Ibiza WRC…..un Ford Fiesta XR2 que tira aceite por el tubo de escape…..una comparativa terrible…..NO te la pierdas coño!!!

Dentro de muy poco en tu blog preferido.

Coming soon in Solobugas ….. ….. the first delivery…… of Solobuga´s Bugas …….. cucumbers that will mark before and after the history of the blog ….. a Seat Ibiza WRC ….. a Ford Fiesta XR2 pulling oil by the exhaust….. a terrible comparison ….. terrible ….. DON´T miss it coño!

Soon in your favorite blog.


Solobugas World – testing since 2004

Yesss hombres, the next story of  Solobugas World is here for you!!

Still some years ago, me and my Austrian testing crew had the wish to travel to our beloved country of Espana, and we didn’t know at all that this country is housing my Solobugas World partners of the future! We wanted to go with a fantastic buga from the farming fields in Austria to the country in the south, where the tomatoes and the red and green peppers also grow in winter. But WHICH car is able to make this trip was the big question ?  ?  ?

As gypsies none of us had a useful car or money to by one and so we decided to take one from the street (actually from a field where nobody and nothing lived – the car was not owned from anyone FOR SURE) and to repair it. And so the story of our beloved VW Passat B2 began. We called him “the undestroyable tank”, because he was supposed to resist every attack and stress. We reapaired the car at a mountain, where a friend of us lived, and started the trip to the south in the summer of 2004.  Three weeks of travelling, about 6000km and a lot of fun and adventures with the tank were in front of us. Look at this pictures of the hard working (and drinking) hours…

Passat zangeln

The car was built in the year 1982,  so almost the same age we had, and its identification was “Type 32B”. The engine of our wonderful tank was a powerful 1.600 ccm one with 51 kW, 4 zylinders used with gas of course. So it was able to pull us up all the hills between Austria and Spain. Let’s see where our journey brought us:

testing step one - the dry fields in Spain

You can see that it was not always easy with the testing crew. One night we had almost a fight in the car, because we couldn’t find a place to sleep. As gypsies we didn’t want to pay at all for a place so we wanted to stay hidden in the car. But also the Passat was to small for 4 people and two of us (i don’t remember who cause we were so drunk) had to sleep on the street.

But those were just small problems until the real ones started. After we crossed the border to Spain the Passat didn’t work well anymore and we had to visit some car mechanics. But in the end nobody could help us and so we had to drive home to the beloved home country of Austria, with only 3 out of 4 cylinders, with about 12 and more liters of gas consumption for 100 km… In this movie you can see how many exhaust gases the car generated. AND you see on the traffic sign, that it is a real Solobugas testing drive, cause we used the “SB” license plates. But in the end our beloved tank finally brought us home – UNDESTROYABLE (neither by storm and hailstones) ! ! !

After all those stresses and strains my friends were happy to get their other cars at home again and I had the honor to test the car one more year, especially in the hard Austrian winter. The problem with the engine was solved (we had lost one sparking plug in Spain) and in the arctic mountains of Austria me and the car had a good but cold time. The heating of the car didn’t work and I had to drive with an opened window very often because otherwise the front window was full of steam… I survived the winter with and sometimes in the car, but finally i had to sell it, it was too exhausting with no heating 😛

testing step 2 - the arctic sites in Austria

R.I.P. beloved Passat – the undestroyable tank. I am sure you still drive around and some gypsies can count on you!!