Próximamente/Coming soon in Solobugas

Solobugas Bugas

Próximamente en Solobugas… primera entrega… los bugas de Solobugas……..pepinos que marcarán un antes y un después en la historia del blog…..un Seat Ibiza WRC…..un Ford Fiesta XR2 que tira aceite por el tubo de escape…..una comparativa terrible…..NO te la pierdas coño!!!

Dentro de muy poco en tu blog preferido.

Coming soon in Solobugas ….. ….. the first delivery…… of Solobuga´s Bugas …….. cucumbers that will mark before and after the history of the blog ….. a Seat Ibiza WRC ….. a Ford Fiesta XR2 pulling oil by the exhaust….. a terrible comparison ….. terrible ….. DON´T miss it coño!

Soon in your favorite blog.


3 thoughts on “Próximamente/Coming soon in Solobugas

  1. i am lookin forward to the SB bugas of spain – and of course an austrian volkswagen golf 2 GTI is coming soon as well on the blog !!!
    stay tuned solobugas family ! ! !
    Ole Markus

  2. By the way, I have edited the links to the photos in your post, so you can see them bigger if you click on them.

    Stay tuned!

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