BMW 1502 – a rarity ! ! !

Have a nice day – Solobugas followers out there !

On my daily way from my home place to jail to university I found this wonderful buga right next to the street: an original BMW 1502. Red, fast and soon mine.

Joking apart. This buga is from the primary type series 114, which was also known as BMW serie 02. BMW was building this vehicles in the years 1966 – 1977. They were called “the new class” of BMW and one thing made this buga a little bit more interesting than it already was: a fully independent suspension – Mac Pherson struts in front. Additional there were front disc brakes, hell yeah.

My investigations at BMW Germany let me know, that the 1502 is actually an economy model of the BMW 2002. This means that it has a low compression 1.6L machine and that it was sold only in Europe, from 1975 until 1977. I am sorry baby sad that this means, that this car for example never reached Norway, cause they still think they are not a part of Europe, hehe.

The type serie 1502 was actually replaced by the first BMW 3 (serie E21) in the year 1975, but the 1502 was still built until 1977.

Well people, my next reportings should bring me to the city of Geneve, where I hopefully can bring you some more cars on the blog. But first I have to survive a concert of a German folk music band…

Stay tuned, yours Ole Markus


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