Ice Race in St. Georgen/Reith, Lower Austria

Hello Solobugas, hello world !!

On a Sunday morning, freezing cold, the smell of gasoline and the sound of turbo engines was in the air of a small village in Lower Austria. This was reason enough for Solobugas world to take part at the Ice Race in St. Georgen/Reith in Lower Austria!

Due to I was one year together with some spanish gipsies guys I was unfortunately late at the race and I got no interviews with any of the drives. And I also didn’t get the system of the whole race,  but at least I can tell you that almost everything was allowed. The drivers started in several disciplines, there were front wheel, back wheel and 4 wheel drived cars. The most difference in the disciplines was the type of tire which was used: first they started with winter tires, so no spikes on the tires !! This was quite crazy on the track which consistet just from pure ice. Then it went on with small spikes and in the end the long spikes (we call it “Taki” tire) were used.  So actually a lot of drivers started in all disciplines, cause in the brakes they were able to change their tires and drink some beers or hard liquers against the cold .

Some of the cars were also registered and “allowed” to drive on the road. But I am quite sure that this was a quite illegal thing – Solobugas yeaaaaah !!

When I was walking throug the cars I started laughing when I saw this white Renault Clio from the following picture. I thought this guy must be stupid to start with such a cheap gipsy carriage. But when I had a look inside, my eyes couldn’t believe what the see: A LAUGHING GAS INJECTION ! ! Hell Solobugas yeaaaaaaaah! Really great stuff what these guys put into their old bugas, respect ! Another picture of a “sharp” tire and also some motorbikes can be seen, which also drove the ice track.

Those Sundays could happen more often, with the smell of gasoline and the sound of turbo engines in the air…

Stay tuned, yours Ole Markus


Land Rover Defender 110

Saludos and Happy New Year to the SB comunity !!

Maybe a bit late but still we want to great you in the new year and expect that you will follow us as dependable as the past years!

Waking up and looking for new cars out of my castle I already discovered a new buga for our blog, which brand we actually didn’t handle until now: a Land Rover, model “Defender 110”, painted by the flag of Austria.

Land Rover is bulding the Defender already since 1948, maybe some of you might know this car by the TV serie “Daktari”, where this car played a leading part.

The Defender 110 is the 4th serie of Land Rovers Defender and emerged 1983. The number 110 (there also exist 90 and 130) is actually the wheel base in inches.

The Defender is a very multifunctional car where you can change easily some parts of the chassis, for example you can remove the roof and put just an awning on it or drive as a cabriolet. The base frame of the Defender is built as a frame like a ladder, which means that it is very solid but also quite heavy, at least 1800 kg is every Defender weighing. But still, this car is really robust and reliable, so also the military trusts in this car. And, according to informations from the spokes person of Land Rover, there are still 75 percent of all Land Rovers ever built still in use! Therefore also the spare parts from the first Land Rover generation are still available.

Concerning the motorisation it’s a little bit difficult to mention all specifications of this car. There were several machines used and the fact that some years BMW and later Ford were owning the company also the motors changed quite a lot during the years. Right now the indian Tata group is owning Land Rover…

What I like most is the paint of the car in SB Austria style 🙂

adiosssssssssss, Ole Markus