Ice Race in St. Georgen/Reith, Lower Austria

Hello Solobugas, hello world !!

On a Sunday morning, freezing cold, the smell of gasoline and the sound of turbo engines was in the air of a small village in Lower Austria. This was reason enough for Solobugas world to take part at the Ice Race in St. Georgen/Reith in Lower Austria!

Due to I was one year together with some spanish gipsies guys I was unfortunately late at the race and I got no interviews with any of the drives. And I also didn’t get the system of the whole race,  but at least I can tell you that almost everything was allowed. The drivers started in several disciplines, there were front wheel, back wheel and 4 wheel drived cars. The most difference in the disciplines was the type of tire which was used: first they started with winter tires, so no spikes on the tires !! This was quite crazy on the track which consistet just from pure ice. Then it went on with small spikes and in the end the long spikes (we call it “Taki” tire) were used.  So actually a lot of drivers started in all disciplines, cause in the brakes they were able to change their tires and drink some beers or hard liquers against the cold .

Some of the cars were also registered and “allowed” to drive on the road. But I am quite sure that this was a quite illegal thing – Solobugas yeaaaaah !!

When I was walking throug the cars I started laughing when I saw this white Renault Clio from the following picture. I thought this guy must be stupid to start with such a cheap gipsy carriage. But when I had a look inside, my eyes couldn’t believe what the see: A LAUGHING GAS INJECTION ! ! Hell Solobugas yeaaaaaaaah! Really great stuff what these guys put into their old bugas, respect ! Another picture of a “sharp” tire and also some motorbikes can be seen, which also drove the ice track.

Those Sundays could happen more often, with the smell of gasoline and the sound of turbo engines in the air…

Stay tuned, yours Ole Markus


Land Rover Defender 110

Saludos and Happy New Year to the SB comunity !!

Maybe a bit late but still we want to great you in the new year and expect that you will follow us as dependable as the past years!

Waking up and looking for new cars out of my castle I already discovered a new buga for our blog, which brand we actually didn’t handle until now: a Land Rover, model “Defender 110”, painted by the flag of Austria.

Land Rover is bulding the Defender already since 1948, maybe some of you might know this car by the TV serie “Daktari”, where this car played a leading part.

The Defender 110 is the 4th serie of Land Rovers Defender and emerged 1983. The number 110 (there also exist 90 and 130) is actually the wheel base in inches.

The Defender is a very multifunctional car where you can change easily some parts of the chassis, for example you can remove the roof and put just an awning on it or drive as a cabriolet. The base frame of the Defender is built as a frame like a ladder, which means that it is very solid but also quite heavy, at least 1800 kg is every Defender weighing. But still, this car is really robust and reliable, so also the military trusts in this car. And, according to informations from the spokes person of Land Rover, there are still 75 percent of all Land Rovers ever built still in use! Therefore also the spare parts from the first Land Rover generation are still available.

Concerning the motorisation it’s a little bit difficult to mention all specifications of this car. There were several machines used and the fact that some years BMW and later Ford were owning the company also the motors changed quite a lot during the years. Right now the indian Tata group is owning Land Rover…

What I like most is the paint of the car in SB Austria style 🙂

adiosssssssssss, Ole Markus

Magirus-Deutz – Air cooled rulezzzzz

Buenos tardes amigos ! !

Back from Geneve (a city with absolute no gipsys, a lot of hot well dressed women and amazing expensive and fast cars) I’ll present you a car from whereelse, cause this one is at the moment much more important. Our gold old friend, Arnoldsen from the valley of love and his love, Babsi the Queen, brought me amazing pictures from their weekend trip to Graz/Styria in Austria:  it’s an old Magirus Deutz, I don’t know exactly which model but at least it’s one of the models from the “round bonnet” serie. Check THIS out:

In front of us we see an old Magirus-Deutz waste collection vehicle with low standard. I expect no compaction unit and no sorting system in it 😉 The brand Magirus-Deutz arised after the idea of Conrad Dietrich Magirus (1824-1895), when he started to build fire-fighting vehicles and equipment in the German town Ulm. His work went quite well, the company got well known worldwide and still after his death the company produced well known equipment and trucks to the standards he had laid down. In the year 1938 Magirus was acquired by Klöckner Humboldt Deutz and in the year 1942 the first Deutz air-cooled diesel engines emerged. The brand was doing a good business and special trucks, normal trucks, busses etc. were produced.

Finally, in the year 1975, the industrial vehicle corporation, known as IVECO, was formed by the following companies: Union of Magirus Deutz, Unic, Fiat Trucks, OM (no, unfortunately this means not Ole Markus) and Lancia Special Vehicles. As so often also in this case, this meant more ore less a predictable end of the brand M-D. In year 1983 the last vehicles of the brand Magirus Deutz where produced in Ulm and soon the brand disappeared from the manufacture in Ulm, really a pity. The name Magirus can nowadays still be found in firefighting equipment, the name Deutz is known by all of you I think and providing engines for vehicles since 1864.

Some informations for this article were taken from this homepage, a Solobugas handshake and a thank you for this great homepage! And a great thank you to Arnoldsen and Babsi for the pictures!

Compression-ignitioned greetings,

Ole Magirus

BMW 1502 – a rarity ! ! !

Have a nice day – Solobugas followers out there !

On my daily way from my home place to jail to university I found this wonderful buga right next to the street: an original BMW 1502. Red, fast and soon mine.

Joking apart. This buga is from the primary type series 114, which was also known as BMW serie 02. BMW was building this vehicles in the years 1966 – 1977. They were called “the new class” of BMW and one thing made this buga a little bit more interesting than it already was: a fully independent suspension – Mac Pherson struts in front. Additional there were front disc brakes, hell yeah.

My investigations at BMW Germany let me know, that the 1502 is actually an economy model of the BMW 2002. This means that it has a low compression 1.6L machine and that it was sold only in Europe, from 1975 until 1977. I am sorry baby sad that this means, that this car for example never reached Norway, cause they still think they are not a part of Europe, hehe.

The type serie 1502 was actually replaced by the first BMW 3 (serie E21) in the year 1975, but the 1502 was still built until 1977.

Well people, my next reportings should bring me to the city of Geneve, where I hopefully can bring you some more cars on the blog. But first I have to survive a concert of a German folk music band…

Stay tuned, yours Ole Markus

VOLKSWAGEN Golf II GL – “The Winter Beast”


  • Owner: Ole Markus (ambassador SB Austria, car mechanic SB bugas), since August 2005
  • Year of manufacture: 1991
  • Mileage: about 135.000 km
  • Engine: 4 cylinders in-line, 1272 ccm
  • Gasoline Injection
  • 40,0 kW / 54HP
  • Consumption: 6,8 – 7,2 liters / 100 km (official tested)
  • Frost-proof until minus 40°C
  • Extra: Catalyzer
  • Transmission: Front-wheel drive
  • Gearbox: Manual, 4 speed, after those you can shift to the “Rallye Gear (= R )”
  • Chassis:
  • Brakes: disc at front, drums at back, NEW brake fluid since 2 months, new discs and brake pads at front
  • Tires: Winter Tires SAVA Eskimo S3 – 175/70 R 13
  • Body:
  • Weight: 910 kg
  • Allowed weight in total: 1370 kg
  • Number of doors / seats: 5 / 5
  • Performance:
  • Maximum Speed: Official 151 km/h; Tested: 160 km/h (with following wind on a sloping road)
  • Features:
  • Fully winter equipped: tires, snow chains, shovel
  • Analog navigation system (compass)
  • Adjustable mirrors from the inside
  • Toll sticker for the road tax Austria, valid until November 9th 2009
  • Pioneer car radio with IPod docking
  • “Rabbit” emblem from my first Golf II from the year 1986

Neuer Ordner2

  • Ability to sleep in it: YES, possible as well in the trunk (if you are not to  tall and drunk – tested), and in the main room, also better to be drunk
  • Ability to dive under a one meter snow cornice: yes, several tests satisfied

Neuer Ordner1

As the boss of our solobugas car repair shop, it’s of course my duty to take care of this car and the cars of the co-director and the manager (still, they newer showed up at my shop, but they will for sure). This summer for example, the front brakes, the exhaust system and the rear suspension have been completely changed. My buga is ready for the next WINTER SEASON, muhahahaaaaaaaaa

Neuer Ordner

and NO, i am not selling this car 😉

stay tuned, yours Ole Markus

Volkswagen T1 – Transporter

Hello friends!

Finally I managed it to take some pictures of this amazing car, cause I pass by it almost every day: A Volkswagen T1 Transporter. What a car. Built somewhen between 1950 – 1967, so at least more than 40 (!) years old and still driving around in my main part of Solobugas world reportings, Vienna alias Viena.




Maybe one night I will sleep on the loading area of the car, when I don’t find the way home anymore 😛

Adiosss, more bugas soon to come!!

Solobugas World – testing since 2004

Yesss hombres, the next story of  Solobugas World is here for you!!

Still some years ago, me and my Austrian testing crew had the wish to travel to our beloved country of Espana, and we didn’t know at all that this country is housing my Solobugas World partners of the future! We wanted to go with a fantastic buga from the farming fields in Austria to the country in the south, where the tomatoes and the red and green peppers also grow in winter. But WHICH car is able to make this trip was the big question ?  ?  ?

As gypsies none of us had a useful car or money to by one and so we decided to take one from the street (actually from a field where nobody and nothing lived – the car was not owned from anyone FOR SURE) and to repair it. And so the story of our beloved VW Passat B2 began. We called him “the undestroyable tank”, because he was supposed to resist every attack and stress. We reapaired the car at a mountain, where a friend of us lived, and started the trip to the south in the summer of 2004.  Three weeks of travelling, about 6000km and a lot of fun and adventures with the tank were in front of us. Look at this pictures of the hard working (and drinking) hours…

Passat zangeln

The car was built in the year 1982,  so almost the same age we had, and its identification was “Type 32B”. The engine of our wonderful tank was a powerful 1.600 ccm one with 51 kW, 4 zylinders used with gas of course. So it was able to pull us up all the hills between Austria and Spain. Let’s see where our journey brought us:

testing step one - the dry fields in Spain

You can see that it was not always easy with the testing crew. One night we had almost a fight in the car, because we couldn’t find a place to sleep. As gypsies we didn’t want to pay at all for a place so we wanted to stay hidden in the car. But also the Passat was to small for 4 people and two of us (i don’t remember who cause we were so drunk) had to sleep on the street.

But those were just small problems until the real ones started. After we crossed the border to Spain the Passat didn’t work well anymore and we had to visit some car mechanics. But in the end nobody could help us and so we had to drive home to the beloved home country of Austria, with only 3 out of 4 cylinders, with about 12 and more liters of gas consumption for 100 km… In this movie you can see how many exhaust gases the car generated. AND you see on the traffic sign, that it is a real Solobugas testing drive, cause we used the “SB” license plates. But in the end our beloved tank finally brought us home – UNDESTROYABLE (neither by storm and hailstones) ! ! !

After all those stresses and strains my friends were happy to get their other cars at home again and I had the honor to test the car one more year, especially in the hard Austrian winter. The problem with the engine was solved (we had lost one sparking plug in Spain) and in the arctic mountains of Austria me and the car had a good but cold time. The heating of the car didn’t work and I had to drive with an opened window very often because otherwise the front window was full of steam… I survived the winter with and sometimes in the car, but finally i had to sell it, it was too exhausting with no heating 😛

testing step 2 - the arctic sites in Austria

R.I.P. beloved Passat – the undestroyable tank. I am sure you still drive around and some gypsies can count on you!!