Magirus-Deutz – Air cooled rulezzzzz

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Back from Geneve (a city with absolute no gipsys, a lot of hot well dressed women and amazing expensive and fast cars) I’ll present you a car from whereelse, cause this one is at the moment much more important. Our gold old friend, Arnoldsen from the valley of love and his love, Babsi the Queen, brought me amazing pictures from their weekend trip to Graz/Styria in Austria:  it’s an old Magirus Deutz, I don’t know exactly which model but at least it’s one of the models from the “round bonnet” serie. Check THIS out:

In front of us we see an old Magirus-Deutz waste collection vehicle with low standard. I expect no compaction unit and no sorting system in it 😉 The brand Magirus-Deutz arised after the idea of Conrad Dietrich Magirus (1824-1895), when he started to build fire-fighting vehicles and equipment in the German town Ulm. His work went quite well, the company got well known worldwide and still after his death the company produced well known equipment and trucks to the standards he had laid down. In the year 1938 Magirus was acquired by Klöckner Humboldt Deutz and in the year 1942 the first Deutz air-cooled diesel engines emerged. The brand was doing a good business and special trucks, normal trucks, busses etc. were produced.

Finally, in the year 1975, the industrial vehicle corporation, known as IVECO, was formed by the following companies: Union of Magirus Deutz, Unic, Fiat Trucks, OM (no, unfortunately this means not Ole Markus) and Lancia Special Vehicles. As so often also in this case, this meant more ore less a predictable end of the brand M-D. In year 1983 the last vehicles of the brand Magirus Deutz where produced in Ulm and soon the brand disappeared from the manufacture in Ulm, really a pity. The name Magirus can nowadays still be found in firefighting equipment, the name Deutz is known by all of you I think and providing engines for vehicles since 1864.

Some informations for this article were taken from this homepage, a Solobugas handshake and a thank you for this great homepage! And a great thank you to Arnoldsen and Babsi for the pictures!

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Ole Magirus