Volvemos! Y nos mudamos!

Buenas txavalería!!

Creiais que estabamos muertos, no? PUES NO!

Estamos vivitos y coleando, y hoy, queridos amigos, os traemos una gran novedad. Como algunos sabéis, parte de la Dirección Ejecutiva de Solobugas se trasladó al cono sur en busca de más y mejores bugas. Y fruto de esa búsqueda nace este nuevo proyecto: The Solobugas Experience. Y una nueva forma de ver los bugas, porque estamos hasta los huevos del blog.

Ahora publicaremos en Tumblr, con unicamente fotos y algún relato de nuestras aventuritas. Pinchad en el link, aquí abajo.


Bueno, eso, nos vemos por ahí. Sed buenos.


Ice Race in St. Georgen/Reith, Lower Austria

Hello Solobugas, hello world !!

On a Sunday morning, freezing cold, the smell of gasoline and the sound of turbo engines was in the air of a small village in Lower Austria. This was reason enough for Solobugas world to take part at the Ice Race in St. Georgen/Reith in Lower Austria!

Due to I was one year together with some spanish gipsies guys I was unfortunately late at the race and I got no interviews with any of the drives. And I also didn’t get the system of the whole race,  but at least I can tell you that almost everything was allowed. The drivers started in several disciplines, there were front wheel, back wheel and 4 wheel drived cars. The most difference in the disciplines was the type of tire which was used: first they started with winter tires, so no spikes on the tires !! This was quite crazy on the track which consistet just from pure ice. Then it went on with small spikes and in the end the long spikes (we call it “Taki” tire) were used.  So actually a lot of drivers started in all disciplines, cause in the brakes they were able to change their tires and drink some beers or hard liquers against the cold .

Some of the cars were also registered and “allowed” to drive on the road. But I am quite sure that this was a quite illegal thing – Solobugas yeaaaaah !!

When I was walking throug the cars I started laughing when I saw this white Renault Clio from the following picture. I thought this guy must be stupid to start with such a cheap gipsy carriage. But when I had a look inside, my eyes couldn’t believe what the see: A LAUGHING GAS INJECTION ! ! Hell Solobugas yeaaaaaaaah! Really great stuff what these guys put into their old bugas, respect ! Another picture of a “sharp” tire and also some motorbikes can be seen, which also drove the ice track.

Those Sundays could happen more often, with the smell of gasoline and the sound of turbo engines in the air…

Stay tuned, yours Ole Markus

VOLKSWAGEN Golf II GL – “The Winter Beast”


  • Owner: Ole Markus (ambassador SB Austria, car mechanic SB bugas), since August 2005
  • Year of manufacture: 1991
  • Mileage: about 135.000 km
  • Engine: 4 cylinders in-line, 1272 ccm
  • Gasoline Injection
  • 40,0 kW / 54HP
  • Consumption: 6,8 – 7,2 liters / 100 km (official tested)
  • Frost-proof until minus 40°C
  • Extra: Catalyzer
  • Transmission: Front-wheel drive
  • Gearbox: Manual, 4 speed, after those you can shift to the “Rallye Gear (= R )”
  • Chassis:
  • Brakes: disc at front, drums at back, NEW brake fluid since 2 months, new discs and brake pads at front
  • Tires: Winter Tires SAVA Eskimo S3 – 175/70 R 13
  • Body:
  • Weight: 910 kg
  • Allowed weight in total: 1370 kg
  • Number of doors / seats: 5 / 5
  • Performance:
  • Maximum Speed: Official 151 km/h; Tested: 160 km/h (with following wind on a sloping road)
  • Features:
  • Fully winter equipped: tires, snow chains, shovel
  • Analog navigation system (compass)
  • Adjustable mirrors from the inside
  • Toll sticker for the road tax Austria, valid until November 9th 2009
  • Pioneer car radio with IPod docking
  • “Rabbit” emblem from my first Golf II from the year 1986

Neuer Ordner2

  • Ability to sleep in it: YES, possible as well in the trunk (if you are not to  tall and drunk – tested), and in the main room, also better to be drunk
  • Ability to dive under a one meter snow cornice: yes, several tests satisfied

Neuer Ordner1

As the boss of our solobugas car repair shop, it’s of course my duty to take care of this car and the cars of the co-director and the manager (still, they newer showed up at my shop, but they will for sure). This summer for example, the front brakes, the exhaust system and the rear suspension have been completely changed. My buga is ready for the next WINTER SEASON, muhahahaaaaaaaaa

Neuer Ordner

and NO, i am not selling this car 😉

stay tuned, yours Ole Markus

Fiesta XR2 vs Ibiza 1.4

B.S.O.              Rosendo “Como el Pico de un Colchón”

Una bochornosa tarde de Septiembre en Burgos D.F. el equipo cazapepinos de Solobugas se dispone a realizar una interesantísima prueba a dos de los vehículos que, en la actualidad, componen el parque móvil de SB. En realidad no se trata de una prueba en sí, sino que básicamente lo que queremos es presentaros a nuestros bugas para que no penseis que viajamos en autobús (que eso es de pijos) o en bici (que eso es de progres).

Objetivo: Dejar clarito que en este blog no nos andamos con chorraditas, tomarnos unas cañas tras la prueba y de paso tirar la tarde.

Pepinos a probar: Un Seat Ibiza 1.4 y un Ford Fiesta XR2

Ibiza y Fiesta 1

Ibiza y Fiesta 2


Ojete al tema chavales:


  • Propietario: El Carlis, alias “Linux” (encargado de “material de primera” de SB).
  • Año de fabricación: 1984
  • Motor: 1600 c.c./ 4 cilindros en línea/ 2 válvulas por cilindro/ carburador de doble cuerpo.
  • Combustible: Gasofa (a muerte) y posiblemente aceite.
  • Potencia: 96 c.v.
  • Neumáticos:  185/60 R13
  • Consumo actual: el depósito dura 250 km, para que te hagas una idea.
  • Extras: Cassetto original Ford; Focos delanteros (actualmente en deshuso); Rasqueta para la escarcha; Cinta original “Barón al Rojo Vivo”; Pegatina trasera de la Discoteca “Cristal”
  • Posibilidad de dormir en él: Imposible hasta para una persona.
  • Posibilidad de realizar el Mongol Rally: Improbable, tiene la rueda muy gruesa y más de 1000 c.c.
  • Otros: Huele a aceite que se mata; sale humo blanco por el escape (mala señal).


Nota: Actualmente esta maravilla de coche corre el peligro inminente de acabar en el desguace, a menos que algún apasionado locuelo afloje 2.000 euros por él, vamos que está en venta (esto no es broma, desde SB agradecemos al gobierno el destruyebugas plan 2000 e). Si alguien está interesado que nos escriba a solobugas@gmail.com

SEAT IBIZA 1.4 “La Máquina”

  • Propietario: Marcoshc (codirector de SB)
  • Año de fabricación: 1998
  • Motor: 1400 c.c./ 4 cilindros en línea/ 2 válvulas por cilindro/ injección.
  • Combustible: Gasofa (siempre)
  • Potencia: 60 c.v.
  • Neumáticos:  185/70 R14
  • Consumo actual: el depósito dura unos 750 km, lo cual está de putin bolo.
  • Extras: 3ª luz de freno; Cinta con cable para escuchar el i-pod; Guía Campsa 2006; Pegatina lateral RallyNorway 2009; Bolsa con cinta americana y bridas; Balón de pichiglás; Palas de playa con toro estampado; Mesa de Camping incorporada (el Churi jodió las sillas); Deportivas “Avia” viejas; Cenicero en la parte trasera (muy importante); Guarda-cassettes (exclusivo Seat); Cierre des-centralizado y aire desacondicionado.
  • Posibilidad de dormir en él: Posible para una persona engurruñida, imposible para dos.
  • Posibilidad de realizar el Mongol Rally: Posible, apoquinando 400 pavos más por el motor mayor de 1000 c. c.
  • Otros: Los elevalunas suben a toda ostia, el ralentí pega saltos un poco raros; pequeña fuga en el escape; por lo demás un pepin.

La máquina

Finalmente no hicimos la prueba de velocidad porque la economía está fatal como para andar haciendo el chorra gastando gasolina, pero nuestro experto ojo bugatil extrajo un claro veredicto: Estos dos bugas son dos PEDAZO DE PEPINOS.

Os ha gustado malditos?!! Pues tranquilos que dentro de poco vendrá lo bueno!!



O.S.T.    Rosendo “Como el pico de un Colchón”

A sultry September evening in Burgos D.F. the cucumber-hunters of Solobugas team were prepared to make an interesting test of two of the vehicles that currently make up the fleet of SB. In reality this is not a test in itself, but basically we want to introduce you to our Bugas in order not to think that we travel by bus (like gypsis) or bike (like liberals).

Objective: To clear that in this blog stupid things do not walk with us, take some beers after the test and throw away the afternoon.

Cucumbers Tested: One Seat Ibiza 1.4 and a Ford Fiesta XR2


  • Owner: The Carlis, also called “Linux” (in charge of “material” in SB).
  • Year of manufacture: 1984
  • Engine: 1600 cc / 4 cylinders in line / 2 valves per cylinder / dual body carburetor.
  • Fuel: Gas ( like death) and possibly oil.
  • Power: 96 H.P.
  • Tires: 185/60 R13
  • Current consumption: the tank lasts 250 km, to give you an idea.
  • Extras: original Cassetto Ford; Headlights (currently no used); Scraper for frost; Original tape “Baron al Rojo Vivo “; Back Sticker  of  Disco” Crystal “
  • Possibility to sleep on it: Impossible, even for one person.
  • Possibility to do the Mongol Rally: Not probable, the wheel is very thick and the engine is begger than 1000 cc
  • Others: Smells of oil that kills, white smoke comes out the exhaust (bad sign).

SEAT IBIZA 1.4 “The Machine”

  • Owner: Marcoshc (co-manager of SB).
  • Year of manufacture: 1998
  • Engine: 1400 cc / 4 cylinders in line / 2 valves per cylinder / injection.
  • Fuel: Gas (forever).
  • Power: 60 H.P.
  • Tires: 185/70 R14
  • Current consumption: the tank lasts about 750 km, which is of putin bolous.
  • Extras: 3rd brake light, wired ribbon to listen to the i-pod; Campsa Guide 2006; lateral RallyNorway Sticker 2009; Bag whith American tape and flanges; pichiglás Ball; Beach blades stamped whith a bull; Picnic table ( “Churi” broke the chairs); Old Sport Shoes  “Avia”; Ashtray in the back (so important), Save-cassettes (exclusive Seat); Decentralized lock and deconditioned air.
  • Possibility to sleep on it: Possible for a person, impossible for two.
  • Possibility to do the Mongol Rally: Possible with 400 Euros more because of the larger than 1000 c. c. engine
  • Others: The windows rise so fucking fasts; Idle jumps a little rare; Small leak in the exhaust; Otherwise a cucumber.

Finally we did not do the speed test because the economy is not going so good to make such stupid fuel spending, but our expert eye bugatil drew a clear verdict: Both Bugas are two pieces of cucumbers.

You like it damned?!! So quiet, cos soon will come more and better!


Peugeot 106 XR “The White Bullet” (Part I)

Peugeot 106 XR

Peugeot 106 XR 2


¿Pensábais que estaba muerto? Para nada, gente. De hecho tengo el honor de presentaros en primicia un nuevo miembro de la familia. En efecto avispado lector, se trata de un Peugeot 106 XR del año 91, una máquina hecha a medida de un servidor.

Pasaremos a describir el buga en profundidad, pero primero un poco de historia del coche:

Corría el año 1991 cuando Peugeot lanza un coche, si se quiere, como sucesor del 205. A partir del gran acierto de los diseñadores de Citroën con el AX, los ingenieros se centran en un coche más pesado, más seguro y más sólido. Un gitano llamado Salvador (más conocido en San Juan de los Lagos como Palanca), sabedor de todas estas cosas, rápidamente fue al concesionario Peugeot-Grupo Julián y robó compró inmediatamente un modelo de estos. Este coche era perfecto para los atracos a mano armada llevar a su madre al hospital con presteza, pero no quedaban ahí sus bendiciones. En el año 1998 ganó el premio de coche más buscado del año por la policía nacional. Con el dinero del premio, Palanca se dedicó el resto de su vida a vivir en un hotel con vistas al mar, El Dueso creo recordar. Con el paso de los años el tal Salvador fue ajándose, no así su auto, el cual sobrevivió a él y a su afligida esposa, la cual se ensañaba con el cambio de marcha cuando recordaba la firme verga mano de Palanca. Y aquí, amigos lectores, entro yo en la historia. Como galán de solteronas maduritas (cobrando, porsupuesto) me ví recompensado, tras alcohólica ingestión de espiritosos y posterior cópula non grata con carnes otrora firmes, con la posesión de la máquina perfecta: MI Peugeot 106 ó “Bala Blanca” como es conocida en el barrio.

Bueno, y tras esta sarta de sandeces vamos a lo interesante:

El Peugeot 106 empezó a fabricarse en 1991, y cuenta con dos fases bien claritas. La Fase I, que es la que nos interesa, contaba con motorizaciones variables desde el 1.0 con 50 Cv (modelo XN) hasta el 1.6 16 V con 120 Cv (modelo Rallye, ya Fase II). De los Diesel ni hablo. Las versiones que contaban con carburador (el 1.0 50Cv y el 1.1 60 Cv) fueron reeemplazados en 1993 por los de inyección. Pero hoy estamos hablando de MI coche, que es un 106 XR del año 91  y 3 puertas, con un motor 1.1 de 60Cv carburación. Cuenta con elevalunas eléctrico, cierre centralizado, luneta térmica trasera y mechero.

No mucho más, de momentor. Os espero en la parte II!



You thought I was dead? No!, people. In fact I have the honor of presenting for the first time a new family member. Indeed, clever reader, this is a ’91 Peugeot 106 XR , a machine made for the writer (myself, actually).

We will describe the buga in depth, but first a little history of the car:

The year was 1991 when Peugeot launched the successor to the 205. They took the great success of the designers of the Citroën AX and the engineers focus on a heavier car,  safer and stronger. A gypsy named Salvador (better known as Lever), knowing all these things, went quickly to the Peugeot manufacturer and stole bought one immediately. This car was perfect for armed robberies taking her mother to the hospital promptly. In 1998 won the most wanted car of the year by the national police. With the prize money, Lever spent the rest of his life living in a hotel overlooking the sea, El Dueso (a well-known spanish prison). Over the years, Lever was aging but not his car, who survived him and his grieving wife, who victimize the gear change when he recalled the strong dick hand of Lever. And here, dear readers, I interrupt in the history. As a lover of old maids raptalk (charging, of course) I was rewarded, after ingestion of alcoholic spirits and after intercourse with meat once young, with the possession of the perfect machine: MY Peugeot 106 or “White Bullet” as it is known in the neighborhood.

Well, after this string of nonsense we are going to the interesting thing:

The Peugeot 106 went into production in 1991 and it has two phases. Phase I, what interests us,  had engines variable from 1.0 with 50 Hp (XN model) to 1.6 16 V with 120 hp (model Rallye, and Phase II). Diesel I prefer not to speak. The versions that had carburetor (the 1.0 50hp and 1.1 60 Cv) were reemplazed in 1993 by injection models. But today we are talking about my car, which is a 106 XR year ’91 3-door with a 1.1 60hp engine carburetion. It has electric windows, central locking, heated rear window and lighter.

Nothing more, for the moment. See you in part II!

Volkswagen Polo I


Polo 2

O.S.T.: Smashing Pumpkins – 1979

Hello my dear Solobugas friends!

First thanks to my Solobugas dudes for my introduction. I already have to make one adjustment to marcoshc‘s statement about my first car. Actually it was a secret and I didn’t tell my followers because I was afraid to be put into jail… Years ago, I didn’t have the driving license yet and against the will of my parents I bought MY FIRST BUGA: a VW Polo, colour beige, built in 1979. It was possible for me to test this car in some hidden places in middle Europe and I was impressed. With a weight of less than 700 kg the acceleration of this car was great for this age, but well, the gasoline in the fuel tank also went away quite fast.

The type was a Volkswagen Polo I, so the first of its category and the intern identification of VW was “Type 86”. This buga was built from the years 1975 to 1981 with 3 different engines from about 40 – 60 horsepowers. The size of those engines was from 895 up to 1272 ccm, which was far enough for this really light car. And actually this Polo was a rebadged version of the Audi 50 which had also the designation “Type 86” and Solobugas is still hunting for you to get also this car for you on our page!

By 1979, 500.000 Polos were produced worldwide and also the production of the Audi 50 was already closed by this year because it was not as good sold as the Polo.

In my test period of the Polo I detected, that the chassis suspension was not exactly perfect in my opinion. When I drove with acceptable speed into a close turn, the inner back tire of the car lost the contact to the street and was in the air. No grip at one side of the car at the back!

Well, it was no rally car and this was what I experienced: if you look properly at the pictures(sorry for the quality, about 10 years old and copied from analogue ones) you can see on the right car side some scratches. This happened when the fence at my neighbour’s farm was jumping on the road when I was about to race around the corner of his farm (well, actually I jumped into the fence and destroyed some sticks of the fence, haha). The resistance of my Polo was amazing: there was no single scratch or bump in the front bumper, just the barbed wire left his tracks at the side of the car and scratched the whole side. Poor Polo… Fortunately my neighbour was a friendly guy, I helped him to repair the fence and no police came.

Finally I got my driving license some day and the Polo was in too bad conditions to get the license for it to drive on the road, so I sold it again to a Polo lover. R.I.P. my beloved first car!

Stay tuned hombres, a hug from Austria for you!

Ole Markus